Where to start the metamorphosis of the balcony?

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Jalynn Peterson
Where to start the metamorphosis of the balcony?
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The balcony is always an additional space belonging to the apartment, used by us in different ways. In winter we happen to treat it as an extension of the refrigerator, while in summer we move there to relax. Unfortunately, every balcony from time to time needs a refresh and a small metamorphosis. Often, however, we don’t quite know where to start. Here are some ideas on how to easily transform our balcony. 

Step one – cleaning

No matter what further plans you have for your balcony, any work must start with cleaning up what’s left on it after the winter. There are bound to be some dried leaves, frozen flowers in pots or twigs brought in by the wind. Gather it all up. Wash the floor, wipe the railing, thoroughly clean the windowsill. If there are any pieces of furniture, they will also benefit from an inspection. Check whether they are still usable and consider whether you will continue to use them, if so – they too deserve a decent wash. Just these simple steps will completely transform this small space. 

Step two – the overall look

Think about how you want to arrange the space. Sometimes just tidying up and cleaning the surface is not enough. You may need to repaint a railing or wall or bring in electricity. If you would like to cordon off and remain unnoticeable, you can also use, for example, mats made of reeds or other material to cover the inside of the balcony. 

Step three – furniture and accessories 

Once the balcony is cleaned and renovated, and you know what style you want to decorate it in, you can get down to fixing furniture or buying it. Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on new furniture from the store. Check, maybe one of your friends wants to get rid of something. It’s worth monitoring listings on neighborhood groups or portals like OLX or Allegro. You can also make interesting furniture yourself, for example, using pallets or crates. They will be sensational, especially on a balcony in a romantic or boho style.

If you care about planting plants, buy pots, soil and seedlings. These can be ornamental flowers, but they do not have to be. If you prefer, try growing your own strawberries, tomatoes or herbs this season. Depending on the space you can allocate for this, choose the size of pots or boxes. If you have limited space, you can also put a bookcase on the side or attach shelves to the wall where you can put small pots, trinkets or ornaments. 

Bring a little sparkle to your balcony. You can do this with lights that wrap around the balustrade, or solar lamps embedded in pots – they will charge during the day, while in the evening and at night they will illuminate the space and make spending time here a pure pleasure. Various kinds of lanterns or candlesticks will also be a good choice.

The balcony should also be cozy. That’s why it’s worth investing in a small rug, pillows, blankets, bedspreads or curtains, which will make even the colder evenings won’t frighten us, and the whole thing will take on a nice, warm character. 

Depending on what style you choose, you can bet on accessories made of metal, glass or wood. Even with small elements you will completely change the face of your balcony and make it your oasis of relaxation. 

main photo: pixabay.com/Pexels

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