Which flowers on the balcony can stay for the winter?

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Which flowers on the balcony can stay for the winter?
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Wondering what fate awaits your balcony flowers during winter? Fortunately, we have good news for you! Some of them can stay in place even during the coldest months of the year. Check out the plants that are not afraid of frost, and your balcony will still be full of charm. 

What plants for the balcony in winter?

Do you love your balcony plants and are worried about their fate in winter? Quite rightly, because these are not easy conditions for them, and many of them will even be doomed to damage if you do not move them. However, there are also plants that are not afraid of frost, strong wind or water shortage. Check what species you can put on your balcony in winter. Such an arrangement can also have a lot of charm, if you try a little. 

Conifers for the balcony in winter

When flowering seasonal plants do not impress us with their appearance, it is worth betting simply on conifers. Gardeners recommend especially dwarf pines, firs and small-sized spruces. The green of the needles will certainly enliven your winter balcony and please the eyes! Especially in combination with snowflakes. You can also confidently bet on, for example, the thuyas you probably know well.

Evergreen shrubs

Another interesting option are deciduous evergreen shrubs. Their great advantage is that they do not shed their leaves and are pleasing to the eyes even in winter. Sometimes bright fruits also appear on them, which looks extremely charming in winter. Remember also that evergreen shrubs – deciduous and coniferous – should be protected against frost before winter. Start with the containers in which they grow – wrap them with straw, Styrofoam or thick cardboard boxes. This will protect the roots from frost. 

We realize that such protection can disturb the sense of aesthetics. Fortunately, there are suitable ways for everything. To cover up the unsightly straw or Styrofoam, for example, a jute bag will be perfect – it can be a great decorative element. 

Watering evergreen plants in winter

Although, when you look at your plants in winter, it seems to you that they are dormant, nothing could be further from the truth. They have life processes going on all the time, so they need watering. How to do it in winter so as not to harm them? Water them during the thaw. 

Decorations for the balcony in winter

You don’t have to wait until spring to have beautiful decorations on your balcony. In winter you can also reach for elements that will make it more attractive. These include, for example, lights associated with the holidays or lanterns, which give a unique atmosphere. Both metals and wood are materials that go well with winter surroundings. A balcony during the cold months can look captivating if you take a little time to think about its decor!

main photo: unsplash.com/Artur Aleksanian

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