Annual flowers – which ones are worth growing?

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Annual flowers – which ones are worth growing?
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Do you dream of a garden where all plants will bloom beautifully and surprise you with their appearance? Do you want to change the look of your garden every year so that you can be amazed by the colors of your garden?

Then be sure to find out which are the most beautiful annual flowers to invest in. Here are some plants that are easy to grow and require no extra work. Change the look of your yard and take care of the surroundings of your house.

Plant milkweed for the garden

The most popular flowers for the garden, velvets are available in many varieties. They’re also ideal for people who want their garden to look beautiful but don’t have the time to care for and look after plants all the time

They can be planted in almost any type of soil. They do best in partial shade but also grow in sunny places. There are high and low varieties available. The former can reach a height of up to eighty centimetres. If you are looking for slightly smaller flowers, a smaller variety, which is about twenty-thirty centimeters high, is also an excellent choice.

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Begonias – annual flowers that look beautiful

Begonias are also a popular choice. They are often called ever-blooming flowers because they bloom in early summer and the flowers are visible even until late autumn. Beautiful plants that reach about twenty-thirty centimeters in height. The attention is drawn to the fleshy leaves and stems, which can come in a variety of colors. There are varieties with light and dark green leaves. However, those with burgundy leaves are the most popular. Begonias do well in sunny positions. It is best to plant them in fertile soil, which has a moderately acidic reaction. This plant is easy in cultivation and an additional advantage is that it doesn’t like slugs, so it won’t be attacked by them.

Impatiens – annual flowers for your garden

If you are looking for an original plant for your garden, impatiens are a recommended choice. These are flowers that thrive best in partial shade and shade. There are varieties available that bloom in white, red, pink, maroon. An interesting variety are plants that bloom in two colors. These beautiful flowers are annual, but it is really worth to choose them for your garden

They don’t require frequent care and special treatment, so if you don’t have time for gardening, they will surely meet your expectations. Their colorful flowers and tiny leaves attract attention and will make your garden look original and modern.

Shimmering sage is perfect for any garden

Shimmering sage looks beautiful and interesting. It is an annual plant which impresses with its appearance and colourful flowers. Its structure can be compared to a Christmas tree. The large leaves and small but dense flowers are a stylish decoration for your garden

Clary sage blooms in early summer and its flowers can last until the end of October. It is a plant that likes a sunny location and fertile soil. It is worth remembering to feed and water it regularly. It’s a plant for slightly more demanding people who like to be in the garden and work with nature. Frequent watering and fertilizing with multi-ingredient mixes will certainly make it a bit more difficult to grow, but you’ll be pleased with the results.

If you want to change the look of your garden but are still not sure what all the beds should look like, then the above-mentioned annual flowers are a good place to start. Most of the plants listed are very easy to grow, so you won’t have to waste time caring for them. For a little water and fertile soil, they will repay you with beautiful colors and blooming flowers that will spread a pleasant fragrance in your garden.

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