6 ideal plants for a garden shed

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Jalynn Peterson
6 ideal plants for a garden shed
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Are you planning to create a pergola along with a garden gazebo in your romantic and unusual garden? It’s worth equipping this place with suitable climbers and beautifully blooming plants

What combination of species will give us a unique atmosphere? We suggest six plants that will be perfect for the garden gazebo

Pergola by the garden gazebo

Taking care of the unique atmosphere of our garden requires from us a lot of work. This will include creating a unique pergola. The choice of species, which climbers will be able to grow on it, is really important.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether its construction will be wooden or metal, it is more of an aesthetic issue and each of us should choose the right solution for ourselves. If we want to support our plants, a good choice will be to use a special net. In this way we will make it much easier for climbers to beautifully adorn the walls of the garden gazebo

Nevertheless, a very important aspect, especially when creating a new garden from scratch, is the speed of growth. After all, we cannot afford to let a plant grow for several years. In addition, its appearance should be maximally matched to our individual preferences and other species that will find their place in the garden

How to plant an arbor?

When searching for suitable plants to plant the garden shed, we must take into account the way the whole plot is developed. It is necessary to match the particular species to the immediate surroundings, including the neighborhood, buildings on the plot, or other elements of the development of our land.

An important aspect is also to match the development of the space around the gazebo to the preferences of the people who are to use this place every day. It is very important to analyze whether the surroundings are to be visible after the plants have grown, or whether we want to surround our gazebo in such a way as to create a secluded and intimate corner.

Climbers always turn out to be an excellent solution, but you should pay special attention to the lighting of the place where they are to grow. If there is a lot of sun, it is worth choosing roses, wisterias, fruit and fragrant vines, as well as three- and five-lobed vines.

On the other hand, in the shade, it is worth betting on ivy and climbing hydrangea. Even before buying, it is necessary to check detailed information on how fast the plant grows. We need to think about whether the structure of the gazebo can withstand the load associated with the dynamic growth of shoots and leaves

Ideal plants for the summerhouse

In our opinion, the best plants for the gazebo are climbers. Their long and often leafy stems can beautifully wrap around a structure and also provide shade and shelter from the wind. Depending on where we intend to plant the plants (high sun or shade), we can use different variants of them

Among climbing plants for shade, the most recommended are common ivy, climbing hydrangea, and pupa. On the other hand, if you have a place with a lot of sun, the best will be climbing plants in the form of clematis, honeysuckle and climbing roses.

When choosing the right species, it is necessary to analyze the size of the arbor. Some of the climbers may grow so intensively that they will damage important elements of the structure or dominate other plants around the garden shed. Our choice should first of all depend on our expectations. We will use different species when we care about beautiful fragrance and others when we have a dream about flowers around the garden shed.

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