Is it possible to make a bedspread yourself?

Jalynn Peterson
Is it possible to make a bedspread yourself?
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A bedspread is an extremely fashionable addition to the house. It looks great in the bedroom, as well as in the living room or children’s room. However, how to stand out from other arrangements? All you need to do is sew a stylish bedspread yourself! We will tell you how to do it!

Handmade bedspread in your home

Do you dream of a modern and also very original addition to your home? A bedspread will be excellent. If you make it yourself, you will certainly not find exactly the same version in any other house. In addition, handmade textiles can also be of any thickness, and thus will also serve as a pleasant blanket. So where do we start? Ideally, you should choose a pattern first. There are quite a few different combinations to choose from – from ethnic to monochromatic in the trendy colors of nature. If you’ve got the pattern matching done, let’s check what size your bed is. If you want the bedspread to cover the whole area, it’s worth betting on a slightly longer material, which won’t pull down if anything happens, and thus will look better. You can also opt for a typically decorative version, only for the lower part of the bed or sofa, which is usually exposed to more dirt. It is usually the one you sit on, and hence the dependence. After carefully gathering the dimensions and matching patterns and colors, let’s get to creating.

What will you need to create a bedspread?

First of all, prepare some basic things that will enable you to create a beautiful bedspread with impressive patterns. You can use both different pieces of fabric and wool for this, but this is a version for the advanced who have actually mastered the art of knitting to perfection. Nonetheless, the easiest way is to combine the various scraps of material together, so that the final pieces form an interesting composition together. You can then choose wonderful fabrics, all sorts of patterns, but it is important that they are sufficiently soft and pleasant to the skin, as well as not difficult to combine. It is worthwhile to arrange the fabric in advance and check whether the individual elements form one interesting pattern and whether they actually connect with each other. Make such a simulation especially when the fabric scraps have irregular shapes.

To make the bedspread yourself you will need:

  • a tailor’s measure,
  • a sewing machine,
  • sewing pins,
  • scissors,
  • materials,
  • strong, thick threads,
  • soft bedspread filling,
  • beeswax, which will help protect the threads.

How to sew a bedspread yourself – step by step

Where do we start? After you have collected the measure, prepare two pieces of fabric and secure their edges. Then prepare the right amount of filling, such that it fits the pieces of fabric. Pin the fabric together and place the filling inside. Then start sewing. Remember to make the seam a centimeter from the edge of the fabric. It is also a good idea to leave an opening of about 25-30 cm wide, so that you can easily roll the bedspread to the other side. Once this is done, arrange the appropriate shape and sew the whole thing together. However, if you decide to sew from individual pieces, it’s a good idea to join them together first, and only then put the filling inside. Finally, don’t forget to wipe the threads with beeswax – this will help you avoid ripping.

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