How to make a mug coaster?

Jalynn Peterson
How to make a mug coaster?
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Drinking delicious coffee, tasty tea or other colorful drink usually involves the risk of spilling it. If we do not want to stain the table, it is worth taking care of the coasters, which can be made by ourselves.

DIY homemade items are exceptional and unique. No wonder so many people try to prepare beautiful mug pads on their own. Such a solution allows you to save money. The coasters will perfectly fit our needs, and additionally the whole process of making them is extremely relaxing. We suggest how to make them!

What can a mug pad be made of?

There are a lot of materials from which we can prepare proper coasters. Despite appearances, even paper can be used. An equally good solution is to use various fabrics (e.g. felt, old cotton shirts) and even string. There are many possibilities, and each of them allows to protect the table from staining. At the same time, handmade placemats will be a beautiful addition to the interior of your dining room, kitchen, or living room.

String mug pad

This is probably the easiest way to make a coaster, it is also extremely impressive! First you need to prepare the necessary tools:

  • scissors,
  • tailor’s measure,
  • a large needle for string,
  • pins,
  • washer for the pins,
  • twisted cord – preferably 3 mm long.

To make the washer, start by cutting a few strings. The first one with a length of 155 cm, and five more with a length of 78 cm. As you work, the number of strings will increase, so you should have enough in reserve. From the longest string we form a loop, to which we wind the other five strings from underneath. Then we tighten the longer end of the string, which allows us to form the center of the washer. Attach the whole thing with pins

Then, on the longest string we wind additional cords in a so-called rib knot, one by one, winding to the right. It is important that the longest string is under the binding cords – these are wound twice. After completing the first circle, add another string 66 cm long and attach it to the main string. Adding strings every circle allows you to expand the coaster.

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How to make a cup coaster from paper?

In this case, you need to prepare:

  • newspaper,
  • scissors,
  • a bookbinder’s block,
  • clear nail polish.

From any magazine, just tear out 6 pages, and then align the edges. Each newspaper should be cut lengthwise in half. Received halves should be bent once again in half, and then bend them again, this time into three parts, so that the ends of the page are inside. The paper should be bent in half again, using a bookbinding cube. Put the prepared in this way strips perpendicularly, so that they form a braided right angle. Add more strips of paper, following the rule: each next element wraps around the one perpendicular to it.

When putting the strips on top of each other, remember that you have to create an interlaced pattern, so that the paper goes through the top and bottom of the already laid elements. At the end of the pad, secure the ends coming out – fold them and put under the bottom of the braid. At the end of the pad it is worth to paint it with colorless nail polish. This will protect it from getting wet.

These are just some of the many methods of preparing mug pads. We hope that they will become the beginning of your adventure with handicrafts!

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