How to make a treadle from string?

Jalynn Peterson
How to make a treadle from string?
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Treads are increasingly used as rugs in interiors. They have become very popular and are quite popular among lovers of handicrafts and natural home decorations.

Making a runner yourself is not as difficult as it may seem at first. If you are interested in interesting and original decorations for the interior and you love DIY items, this will be something for you! The string runner will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also practical.

What kind of rooms will the runner fit to?

The rooms in our homes have different sizes. For that reason, we decorate each room a little differently and according to its purpose. It will be the same with carpets – different surfaces will require different sizes.

In the case of small interiors, the ideal solution will be just a runner. A small carpet can be a great decoration for every apartment. A small rug can be a great decoration for any apartment, and will also work well in any interior that has a slippery floor. Therefore, a runner is a perfect solution for minimalistic kitchen rooms, as well as for classic bathrooms.

Table runner as a table covering!

Treads can also be used to protect furniture from damage and aesthetically cover the table. They are usually about 40-45 cm wide and are placed horizontally in the middle of the table. So they are much narrower than a tablecloth, but they give an interesting effect

They can also be laid across – it all depends on your preferences. This option will surely work during less formal meetings, when you want to decorate the table in an original way. Depending on your taste, you can choose or make a runner in any color and with various patterns. This is an excellent element that can help break the monotonous character of the interior and give it a little extravagance.

How much string do you need to make a runner?

In this case, everything will depend on the diameter of the runner. To start with, take a piece of paper and a pen and try to make a diagram of your project to get an idea of how much cord you will need to buy

To start, make a small sample of any cord using the weave of your choice. Then ripple it and measure how much cord you used to make the first ring. If it is – for example – 40 meters, then each subsequent ring will be a multiple of that number.

How to make a treadle?

On the Internet you can find many free videos that perfectly show how to make a treadle yourself. Learning the basic weaves will take only a few minutes, and it can become the beginning of a new passion. If you want to connect the strings, it is best to sew them together with a regular needle and thread. It’s better not to tie them together as this can create an unsightly big knot. A good solution may also be to tie two strings together and continue with a crochet hook.

In case your treadle starts waving and you want to fix it, we will have to worry you. You need to knit it to the point where it started to ripple, and weave it from that point, adding fewer stitches. For larger rugs, you can try making more circles without adding mesh

It is worth remembering that most of the time you can wash your handicrafts in the washing machine, but at a reduced temperature. Then just dry the runner flat. Immediately after washing, the tread will be able to be a little stiff, but it will quickly return to its original state.

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