Barn type houses – functionality and ergonomics?

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Jalynn Peterson
Barn type houses – functionality and ergonomics?
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Barn type homes are becoming increasingly popular. They appeared more often in construction in the USA, where such houses were actually arranged from a barn. Nowadays, new construction also has such designs that resemble a barn in their appearance. Do such buildings make sense?

What are the advantages of barn type houses?

A barn type house has many advantages. First of all, it has a high ceiling, which gives us the opportunity to hang long lamps and chandeliers. Also it will be easier for us to develop one wall for example for shelves or other furniture. The house itself with such a look will certainly stand out from other buildings in the area. Barn type houses have interesting architectural solutions. One of the most interesting can be mezzanine located above the living room. It makes unused space under the ceiling more useful. You can put our bedroom or study on it. It is a perfect solution also for barn type houses of small area, e.g. for a family with one child or for a couple or a single. Mezzanine will work as an additional and open space that will add to our space, but will not take away from such architecture its spaciousness and sense of freedom.

Interestingly, many barn type homes also have a terrace or balcony area. When it comes to the terrace, it is a designated part of the building in the designs, which is usually where the living room, or living room or dining room is located. Large glass doors lead to the terrace, which perfectly complement the space and give us a sense of freedom and spaciousness. They also let in a lot of natural light. Many modern architects, who are familiar with interesting trends, also propose built-in balconies coming directly from the roof. They allow you to place a balcony also on top of the building, so that people who are on the mezzanine can also benefit from extra space. In such residential properties there are also classical balconies that extend beyond the property and are not built in. In this way, they give the house a more traditional look.

The high ceiling in a barn type building is very well suited to include interesting solutions such as a recuperation system. Recovering heat from already heated air is a very eco-friendly way to save energy. For such a system to work, you often need a fairly high ceiling to accommodate all the wires and pipes. A barn type home has a lot of space through the high ceiling, so it is ideal for installing just such a recuperation system in it. This type of property also has roofs that are quite large, so solar panels can be placed on them.

Disadvantages of barn houses

A barn-type house usually has a limited amount of space. The division of rooms is such that downstairs there is a kitchen combined with a living room, bathroom and a small room such as a bedroom, and upstairs there is only a mezzanine. Due to the high cost of building additional partition walls, owners of such houses agree on a smaller number of rooms. Additionally, it should be remembered that such buildings have quite high ceilings, which will make it more difficult for us to install lamps or paint the beams on our own. For such work will require a special team with long ladders. High ceilings are also a problem when it comes to heating the entire building. If we do not decide on solar panels or collectors and the recuperation system, heating the house can cost us a lot. Also installation of appropriate windows and their subsequent replacement can be quite expensive, because for buildings with such high walls we need custom made windows. It is not worth saving on them or their installation, because through such a large surface of the window heat can escape, and bad installation threatens to create thermal bridges.

Before deciding whether we want to have such a house, we must check

  • what the heating costs will be;
  • whether we can create additional rooms downstairs in our house project;
  • what is the cost of building a mezzanine;
  • whether it is possible to add a balcony upstairs;
  • which manufacturer of custom windows has the best quality and price.

A barn type house is very impressive and has many advantages. First of all, it allows you to put in a recuperation system thanks to the high ceiling, it is very impressive and gives you a sense of space and allows you to put in a romantic mezzanine.

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