How to create a mini coffee shop at home?

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Jalynn Peterson
How to create a mini coffee shop at home?
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Can’t imagine starting your day without a cup of aromatic coffee? Welcome to the group. For some of us, going to our favorite coffee shop in times of pandemic is quite a hassle. So don’t wait and make your own mini-café at home!

A good product is essential

No customer would return to the cafe, which serves the most ordinary supermarket coffee. Treat yourself and get products from reputable roasters only. Choose coffee beans – unlike ground coffee, they have a deep, silky flavour and intense aroma. To prepare them you’ll need coffee hand grindersto make you feel like a real barista.

What about growing your own coffee beans?

The coffee bean is an exotic plant, but one that can easily be grown at home. Just follow a few rules. For healthy growth (it can reach 150 to 200 cm of height) it needs diffused light. So it should be placed in well lit places but in such a way that its delicate leaves are not scorched by the sun. A windowsill is not the best place for it. Also beware of placing it where it is exposed to drafts.

If you have coffee beans instead of seedlings, sow them as soon as possible after you buy them. But before that, soak them in lukewarm water for 24 hours and then peel off the skin. The coffee plant can be planted at any time of the year, but it will not bloom until two years into the summer season.

The plant likes water, but try not to drown it. Also, pay attention to the temperature it is exposed to. Coffee plant comes from Africa, so it is not a plant adapted to low temperatures.

Keep in mind that the berries produced by home-grown coffee plants are generally not suitable for making coffee – that doesn’t mean you can’t try. The better you look after your plant, the more it will thank you.

No tools required

Coffee frother it is a must for every coffee lover to turn milk into thick, fluffy froth. You’ll also need a thermometer and a scale to control the right temperature of the “concoction” and the amount of beans needed for its preparation.

If you don’t like grounds in your coffee (and who does?), a bouncer will be your salvation. And don’t forget the right spices. An orange peel or a pinch of cinnamon will not only add flavor but also serve as a garnish to your cup.

Sweeten your life

A cafe can’t run out of sponge cakes. Stock up on confectionery equipment and enjoy the taste of frosted cookies served with freshly ground coffee every day.

And what about the décor?

Feel like your corner is missing something? Get the room decor right and recreate the cozy atmosphere of a real coffee shop with a few themed accessories. Posters and artwork relating to the coffee-making process or coffee beans are a good idea. You can also hang your own “menu” on the wall – a chalkboard with your orders, special offers for today or a simple shopping list if you want to use this decoration in a practical way.

Place a small round bar table in the corner, preferably made of burnt wood and with soft upholstery. Your color palette should be dark and oscillate between different shades of greens, browns, blues and grays. With this choice of colors and materials, you will create a cozy, peaceful place to relax that many a coffee lover will envy.

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