Where to store wood in the garden?

In the garden
Jalynn Peterson
Where to store wood in the garden?
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Finding the right place to store wood in your garden is often a challenge. Of course, the best place to store wood is the woodshed. Where else can you store wood?

How do you plan a place for wood in the garden?

When you plan your wood storage space in the garden, you need to consider the amount you will need during the heating season. Will you only need the wood for kindling? Will you be heating your home with wood? If you only need the wood for kindling, then you will need about 2 cubits. If you’re going to heat your home with it, you’ll need between 10 and 15 cubits.

Wood storage space depending on the raw material

If you will be storing seasoned and cut wood, then a woodshed is sufficient for storage, the volume of which corresponds to the seasonal consumption of fuel. However, if the stored wood was not previously seasoned, the woodshed must be twice as large as the seasonal consumption of fuel. Wood needs a lot of space to dry.

How do I store wood in the garden?

Wood should be stored in a dry and sunny place. It is best if it is under a roof. A shed with a sloping roof is ideal for storing wood. The bottom of the shed should be covered with plastic sheeting as the wood will rot if it comes into contact with the ground.

The wood storage area in the garden should be easily accessible by car. It’s a good idea for the storage area to be near the front door so you don’t have to walk far in winter.

One of the most popular ways is to store wood against a building wall. When placing the logs against the wall, keep a distance of 5 cm from the building. This will allow air circulation and the wood will not rot. It is most beneficial to stack wood against the south wall (it gets the best sunlight).

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