What grass to choose for the garden?

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Jalynn Peterson
What grass to choose for the garden?
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A thick, even and lusciously green lawn is the dream of every home gardener. Unfortunately, many people have great difficulty in achieving this effect. This is because, among other things, when choosing the seeds to sow, they do not pay attention to what type of grass it is. So how do you choose grass for your garden so that it is long-lasting, lush and impressive as a great lawn?

Renovating an existing lawn

If you already have a lawn in your garden, you don’t have to rip up the entire ridge to seed the grass completely from scratch. Rake your existing lawn thoroughly first to get rid of old, lingering leaves, sticks, twigs and so-called ‘felt’, i.e. dead grass. Raking alone will not be as effective as planting new grass straight away. To complete the job, use a scarifier, which thoroughly and very effectively exposes and cleans the substrate in which the grass grows and gives new seeds room to grow. Another process that will stimulate existing grass to grow and renew a lawn in need of renovation is aeration. This involves puncturing the turf and thus aerating the soil and inducing the roots to grow. You can do aeration on a small lawn yourself, for example with a pitchfork. A larger area is better aerated with professional equipment, which you can easily rent. These two procedures work a bit like washing your skin and doing a scrub before performing lawn care

Fertilizing the soil and seeding

The soil you want to seed your lawn in should be rich in micro and macro elements that will promote grass growth and bring out the luscious green color. It should also hold moisture firmly, so it’s good if it contains little sand and lots of clay, which stores water and releases it back to the plants. Before sowing your lawn, cover the soil with a thin layer of lawn substrate, sow the right seeds, then cover them with another thin layer of the same substrate and water generously with a very fine mist of water. Avoid fertilizing for the first few weeks; you can put or pour the first fertilizer on the grass after the first mowing, when it is just beginning to show its true potential

How do I choose grass for my garden?

Lawns in the garden are often subject to trampling by shoes, bare feet and animal paws. Plus, if you have kids at home, running around, playing ball, or putting out a blanket or play mat can really damage your lawn. A trample-resistant grass is one whose rhizomes grow new shoots when broken, so that, paradoxically, the more a lawn is exposed to damage, the denser and bushier it becomes. This is the kind of grass you can buy at https://www.gardenflora.pl/trawa-sportowa for sports fields, for example. If, on the other hand, your lawn is surrounded by trees and the light is limited, choose a grass which does not need as much sun and likes shady areas. You can sow several types of grass on one large lawn, depending on the conditions the lawn will be exposed to in that location

For thickening an existing lawn, choose renovation grass. Its seeds germinate quickly and grow instantly lush and dense. Such grass will quickly thicken a tired and damaged lawn and restore its former luster. Remember, grass, while not a demanding plant at all, will repay you beautifully for your time and care. A light watering and fertilizing from time to time, will make your lawn awe-inspiring and slightly jealous of anyone who sees it

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