When to plant fruit trees?

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When to plant fruit trees?
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Are you planning to add some new plants to your garden? Spring is coming, so the gardening season is about to begin. Find out which trees you should have in your garden, where to plant them and when is the best time. Check out our gardening guide to find out all about it.

Where to plant fruit trees in your garden

Before you start gardening you should think about where you will plant your fruit trees. Where they are placed will affect the taste and quality of the crop. Fruit trees should be planted in areas that receive plenty of sunlight, which is needed for rapid growth of plants, flowers and fruit. It is better to avoid planting them in shady areas. In such spaces the temperature is often lower than in the sun. At night the plants can be damaged by frost. The soil and its type are also important

A fertile soil with a high level of humus is ideal. It has a great influence on the quality of the roots, which will certainly affect the yield. The soil should not be compacted and waterlogged, because this can lead to root rot. Special attention should be paid to how peach, apricot, nectarine and vine trees are planted. They need sites that are warm and moist, but not wet.

When is the time to plant fruit trees and shrubs?

If the place in the garden for fruit trees is already chosen, it is worth finding out when is the best time to plant them. However, it all depends on the type of plant and its root. Trees that you can buy in a pot can be planted throughout the spring season. The exception is strawberries, which should be planted in August so that you can enjoy the harvest the following year. Trees with bare roots should be planted in late March/early April or early November. Why during this period? It is very important because this is the time of dormancy so that the plants are sure to take hold and grow beautifully

There is usually information available on the pot or package about when is the best time to repot your tree, as well as what conditions the plant needs for proper and rapid growth. So before you decide to do any gardening, be sure to read the recommendations available on the package. This way you will know how to proceed in a specific case. This will allow you to avoid mistakes that contribute to the failure of the plant.

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How to plant fruit trees in the garden?

It matters not only where the tree is planted, but also how it is done. The roots of the plant need plenty of room to develop. It is therefore necessary to dig large holes. If the soil is fertile, then a hole about fifty centimeters deep is sufficient. The correct width is about seventy centimeters. However, if the soil is barren, a deeper and wider hole is needed. Before putting the plant into the soil, it is necessary to cut off dry and damaged roots so that the tree does not spoil. Healthy roots should be covered with soil mixed with compost – when the entire hole has been covered, you can proceed to compacting it. On the same day, water the tree generously.

Planting trees can seem very complicated and difficult. However, if you know the basic rules of gardening and follow them, the garden can become a beautiful place where all plants grow quickly and surprise you with the amount of yield

Do not hesitate to choose the fruit bushes you want to have in your garden. Planting them is not difficult and you can gain a lot by doing so. Fresh fruits without chemical additives are not only healthy but also tasty. Do something for yourself and your loved ones and take care of ecology now!

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