Tips for beginner gardeners

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Jalynn Peterson
Tips for beginner gardeners
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More and more people are opting for houses with gardens or apartments in a block of apartments with a small piece of their own greenery. No wonder, working at home fosters a greater need for contact with nature. After all, who doesn’t dream of having their morning coffee in their own garden? 

But an expanse of greenery, especially one enriched with shrubs, trees and flowers, requires proper care. If you are a beginner gardener, this text is certainly for you. Learn the absolute basics in plant care.

Own garden – an unpleasant duty or sheer joy?

A house with a garden is a dream of many people regardless of age. Such a space gives you a lot of freedom and makes it possible for you to be in nature even while working. Remember, however, that it’s also a chore. A neglected lawn, diseased plants, dead flowers or broken shrubs do not look aesthetically pleasing, so you should find a way to take care of them. When deciding on a garden, even a small one, it is worth bearing this in mind. If you decide to have a green area around the house and dream of lush, impressive vegetation you need to follow a few rules.

1. Arrangement of the garden

The first issue is the proper layout of this space. If it is to be used mainly for relaxation, bet on interesting flowers, but choose rather those easy to care for. You can also plant vegetables, fruits and herbs. As a rule, they do not require special care, but only matching the right fertilizer and regular watering. 

On the other hand, if you are keen on having a children’s playground in the garden, it is a good idea to give up plants that can be toxic and prickly. For this, set aside a specific zone where the tree house and other attractions will be located.

2. Choose plants that you will take care of yourself

Dividing the garden into different zones is a must. Therefore, there should be a place for a barbecue, where you will also set up lounge furniture. On top of that, the vegetation that will grow in your garden should be easy enough to maintain so that you don’t have to get help from a gardener. Grass on a roll is perfect, and simple fruit bushes, such as blueberries or strawberries. Many people also choose to sow basil, chives and tomatoes. As for flowers, pansies, tulips and forget-me-nots are very graceful when caring for them. They look very impressive, and do not require a lot of work. You can also choose thuyas, which, once grown, do a great job of protecting the garden from pollution, and on top of that, provide privacy for the residents.

3. Buy the necessary tools

Every gardener is equipped with a set of useful tools. Without them, garden work will not be properly done. We are talking about a coiled garden hose of sufficient length, preferably with different ends. You can also opt for sprinklers, which will significantly facilitate the process of watering. It is worth remembering that this procedure should be performed only in the evening, when the sun has set and will not scorch the plants. Also, do not forget a digging spade, mower, rakes, secateurs and loppers. These will keep your garden in good shape. Many plants require regular trimming and pruning.

As you become familiar with garden work, you are sure to gain experience and proficiency in this area. Then you can enrich your garden with new plants, trees and shrubs that require more maintenance work.

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