Arranging bouquets for the vase step by step

Jalynn Peterson
Arranging bouquets for the vase step by step
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Spring and summer is a time when nature awakens to life and bestows upon us thousands of multicolored flowers. Many of us like to bring them home to decorate our interiors with them. Unfortunately, this involves arranging the flowers in a vase, which is not easy or fun for everyone. Check out how to arrange a beautiful bouquet step by step, which will please your eyes and also charm your visiting guests! 

Fresh flowers in a vase will sensationally blend in almost any interior and style. Depending on the plants we choose, an additional plus may also be the fragrance they will spread throughout the room. However, even before we start creating fancy floral compositions, let’s prepare thoroughly. 

Step one: proper preparation 

In arranging bouquets, in addition to the design itself, proper preparation is also important. First, choose the vessel in which you will create your composition. It would be good for it to match the style of the interior. Then wash it thoroughly with water and liquid, for this purpose you can also use domestos, which will kill all bacteria and microorganisms that can affect the later life of the flowers we use.

Pour water into the vase. Now it’s time to prepare the flowers. Ideally, only the stems will be in the water, so use a small knife or secateurs to remove the spikes and leaves. This will avoid rapid rotting of these elements. At this stage, it is also a good idea to sort the flowers by size, and cut the stems diagonally about 2 cm from the bottom.

Step two: ways to arrange

Depending on the vessel you have chosen, you can put a sponge or florist’s net inside it. When you care about stable positioning of individual batches, you can also simply separate them with colorless adhesive tape. Either method will give you almost complete control over the positioning of the individual bouquet elements.

Create a base of color

To begin with, it’s a good idea to create a green base that will act as a background for our colorful flowers. For this purpose you can use eucalyptus, fern leaves, ivy or other green twigs. They will fill the space and allow you to work comfortably on the further composition. With some bouquets this step can be skipped to avoid overdoing it.

Main accents

The main accents will usually be the flowers on which our attention will be focused. Usually these are the largest specimens, or those with uncommon, sharp and prominent colors or unique form. In vase compositions it is worth avoiding symmetry, so it is better to opt for an odd number of accents.

At this stage it is also worth considering whether our bouquet should be concise in the form of a sphere, or perhaps delicate and airy with an ellipse shape? Often the shape of the bouquet is suggested by the flowers we choose, which intuitively create a harmonious whole in our minds.


It is time to complete the composition with smaller flowers. For this purpose, all kinds of smaller flowers with more subdued shades will be sensational. In romantic, delicate and almost field bouquets, gypsophila, which will remain fresh for a long time, will be perfect.

Spice up

At the very end of the composition you can additionally decorate it with a ribbon or other decoration, which will complete the work and make the bouquet look like the work of the best florist in the area.

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