How to make a beaded bracelet?

Jalynn Peterson
How to make a beaded bracelet?
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Beaded bracelets are timeless. They match other jewelry and are an addition to many outfits. You can make them yourself at home. How to make a beaded bracelet?

Step by step beaded bracelet

The first important element is the choice of beads. On the market you will find both natural stones, such as marble, jade, amethyst, as well as cheaper substitutes made of glass. These are also aesthetic and come in many colors. The finer they are, the more delicate they look on the wrist. Larger beads are more expressive. In stores there are also a variety of shapes, such as oblong.

Another element is the accessories. The beaded bracelet can be made only of beads or additionally decorated with a pendant or link.

To make a bracelet you will also need a quick-drying glue and a fishing line, preferably 0,8 mm thick.

What do you need to make a bracelet?

  • 0.8 mm elastic band,
  • beads (e.g. 8 mm),
  • quick-drying glue.

At first you need to measure your wrist to find out how many beads you need. If you decide on a medium size, that is, 8 mm, the optimal solution is to use 27 pieces.

Thread the rubber band through each bead. Then, join the two ends together and tie. Do it twice so that the bracelet does not unravel when you wear it. Strengthen the knot with a drop of quick-drying glue. Ready!

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