DIY: Wool flower pot cover

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Jalynn Peterson
DIY: Wool flower pot cover
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Dress up your flower pots in colorful outfits! This is an interesting idea for decorating any room. We show you how to make them with your own hands.

Ordinary flower pots quickly become boring. Over time they cease to attract attention and we notice that everyone passes by them indifferently. In order for your flowers to regain their due prominence, prepare them woolen covers. Note that you can make them at home – so you are only limited by your imagination. Think what color and shape of decoration will best complement your interior. Prepare a pot in bright colors if you need a revival. Complement it with unique motifs to express yourself.

Where to get ideas from

You can find many ideas for unusual potholders on Pinterest. A great source of inspiration is also Etsy, where you can buy a variety of ready-made wool accessories. From there you will get patterns, ways of knitting and unusual color combinations. You’ll notice that some people opt for ornaments that resemble animals, such as frogs or owls. Certainly the youngest will appreciate this type of casing. There is nothing stopping you from also using a motif inspired by your favorite movie.

This you will need

Before starting work, buy a ball of wool and a wire mesh. If you are still lacking in skill, don’t forget that wool is delicate and requires a special approach. Be careful not to stretch it too tightly, as it is prone to break, which would involve starting the work all over again.

Step-by-step preparation

  1. Cut the netting to the size that corresponds to the pot of your choice. It will be easiest to do this by applying them to each other.
  2. Thread successive strands of wool through the mesh. You can do it in any way you like. Remember that irregular spacing will look unique and will certainly draw attention to itself. One way is also to combine different colors. A contrasting stripe in a bright color, placed on top of the pot, will give it an even more vivid character.
  3. When you notice that you have managed to cover the entire pot, connect the ends of the netting together.
  4. If you want, you can also knit elements such as butterflies or hearts. Such a decorated casing will be a great gift idea.
  5. Put the reed on the pot with the flower of your choice.

Where to put them

Pots decorated with such casings deserve a special setting. You can arrange them in interesting, contrasting compositions, for example, spacing them on wooden stands. They also look great hung on string hangers.

How to wash wool

It may happen that your casing floods during watering or gets dirty with soil. Don’t worry, it’s not a problem. Remember, however, that wool needs a slightly gentler wash than other materials. Use only lukewarm water to wash it and avoid temperature spikes at the same time. Use gentle washing detergents, preferably designed for wool. Choose a dedicated wash mode, which is usually characterized by low temeperature and slow spin. After washing, give it a gentle squeeze, and preferably spread it out on a towel until dry.

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