Small accessories to decorate your terrace

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Jalynn Peterson
Small accessories to decorate your terrace
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A terrace is a place that is not only comfortable but also striking. Find out how you can enhance it even more with accessories and decorations

Bring your patio to life with plants

For a terrace to look truly stunning, it is a good idea to decorate it a little. And nothing is better than flowers and other potted plants to bring it to life. If you want your patio to look different every year, you can choose seasonal plants. Begonias and geraniums are the most popular choices, but petunias, heliotropes, verbenas and lantanas are also available. These plants bloom long and profusely and are very attractive. Typical bedding plants such as pansies, daisies, forget-me-nots or nasturtiums look nice in pots. You can also opt for perennial plants such as conifers and shrubs. All kinds of perennials, coniferous shrubs such as spruce or hemlock, deciduous shrubs such as azaleas and evergreen boxwood or climbing plants such as ivy or climbing hydrangea work best in pots. An interesting solution is also to arrange a small garden on the terrace, planting herbs, lettuce or tomatoes in pots.

In addition to plants, it’s also a good idea to choose decorative ornaments, such as ornamental pots or even eye-catching watering cans, which can become decorative in themselves. Extremely fashionable recently became the pot head, resembling its design of sculptures. This unique shape is sure to delight everyone.

Sit back and relax

A comfortable seating area is also useful on a terrace. But why settle for a classic armchair when you can choose a much more interesting hanging armchair. This rocking piece of furniture is sure to become your favourite place to relax. You can choose an armchair that looks like a woven wicker basket or a slightly smaller Brazilian model that feels like a hammock. Be careful though – it’s so comfortable you might fall asleep!

Another great option for the terrace are also deck chairs. With a bit of willpower and a few design ideas, you can transform your terrace into a private relaxation zone. A lounger with a cushion and a soft mattress or deck chairs with a canopy are just a few suggestions to make your lazy afternoon even more relaxing. Classic fabric models will make you feel like you’re on vacation by the sea.

A bit of shine, or lighting

Lighting can also be a small but very effective decoration for your patio. How do you choose it? First of all, make sure that the lighting consists of several lamps. This makes it easier for you to create an atmosphere that suits your needs at any given moment – one for dining, one for playing, and one for relaxing. Some lamps should be placed on the facade and also around the terrace. Solar lamps, for example, are perfect for this purpose. If the terrace is roofed, you can also install pendant lamps or plafonds above the table. Spotlights can also provide interesting effects. Use them to illuminate your terrace plants. Remember, however, that lamps should match each other, so it’s best to choose them from one collection.

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