DIY: Paint pot holders with nail polish

Jalynn Peterson
DIY: Paint pot holders with nail polish
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Painting pots is a great way to recycle them in an eco-friendly way. How can you paint pots with nail polish?

Recycling old and undamaged flowerpots

If plastic or ceramic pots have lost their shine, become dull or show scratches, don’t throw them away but paint them in a trendy marbled pattern. Inspect the pots carefully for damage before you start.

Painting the covers with nail polish

To refurbish plastic and ceramic flowerpots and covers, nail polish will work great. Pour water into a bowl or large plastic container so that it is up to ¾ of the height. Then pour some nail polish into the water (nail polish colors are a matter of individual choice). It is a good idea to mix them gently with water using a toothpick. Then put the pot in the water and take it out after a while.

Other ways to restore flower pots

Spray paint

To give your planters a unique look, you can buy spray paint, preferably with a metallic finish. Very trendy are pots in gold or silver shades. Wash and dry the pots before you start painting them. When they are dry, lay them on newspaper and paint them.

Decoupage technique

Decorating with the decoupage technique is a great option for people who don’t want to paint the pots. The decoupage technique is a technique of decorating with paper napkins or decorative paper. This technique allows you to finish your flower pots in a very interesting way.

Renovating flowerpots without painting

An interesting and easiest way to decorate flower pots is to glue souvenirs to them, e.g. small shells, small stones. Wrapping them in jute or string is also a fashionable way.

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