How to store scarves, neckerchiefs and ties?

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How to store scarves, neckerchiefs and ties?
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For many people, properly storing scarves, neckerchiefs and ties is a challenge. How do you store these items of clothing?

Storing scarves and neckerchiefs

One of the more popular ways to store scarves and neckerchiefs is with a shower curtain wheel hanger. All you have to do is mount the curtain casters on the hanger. This storage method takes up very little space in your closet.

Another way is to store scarves and neckerchiefs in a transparent organizer. You can hang it on the inner door of the closet. This way it will not take up much space.

A slat with stalls attached to it is another DIY idea for storing scarves and shawls. Making such a hanger is simple. All you need are clothespins, a slat, string and a hook to attach it.

An interesting way to store scarves and neckerchiefs is a small curtain rod. Just attach it to the closet door. Then, attach the rings with the frogs on it (they make it easier to store). Or you could attach shower curtain rings to it.

Tie storage

Ties can be stored in several different ways. One of the most popular methods is to lay ties flat. Use this method if you have few ties and a large drawer or shelves. You can fold the tie into two or three sections. Once folded, it is advisable to put the end of the tie in a loop. This will help it stay in place. If you have more ties, rolling or hanging them is best.

Hanging ties is another way to store them. The great advantage of this method is that you can fit a dozen of them on one hanger. It is advisable to purchase a special hanger for storing them. There are ladder hangers (very capacious) and hangers with stakes spaced apart.

The last way to store ties is by rolling them. This method of storing men’s ties has many opponents who believe that the fabric then gets damaged. When a tie is carefully and well rolled, it takes up very little space – about 10x10x10 cm. It can be nicely displayed and pulled out without disturbing others. To make storage easier, it is a good idea to use drawer organizers.

What to avoid in tie storage?

If you want your tie to look as good as new for years to come, it should always be untied after being pulled from your neck. Unfortunately, most men think that storing a knotted tie is a great idea – you don’t have to re-tie it. Unfortunately, a tie deteriorates this way. Creases in the material become difficult to remove.

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