How to create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom?

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Jalynn Peterson
How to create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom?
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A cozy mood in the bathroom is the effect we try to strive for, so that every morning we do not enter a cold, unfriendly room. To achieve this, you do not need to do a general renovation. Just add the right accessories and decorations to make the room a little more cozy.


Bath salts, lotions and bath balls are on trend. Instead of storing these items in a cabinet, mix them into your decor. Especially bath balls – they come in all sorts of creative colors and shapes, which meansyou can liven up your bathroom with a basket of pretty bombs on a shelf or dressing table.

Towel hangers

A traditional towel rack is just a rod on which you hang a folded towel. But there are lots of other creative ways to hang or display them. Try hooks instead of hangers for a cozier, livelier look, or invest in curved towel racks where you can store your towels rolled up.

Obligatory – a bath tray

A bath tray is an essential item that will hold soap, liquids and a glass of wine if you wish. If you’re a fan of reading in the bath, some trays even have compartments for a book.

A matching and cohesive arrangement

Matching drawers, shelves and the rest of the furniture are a matter of course, just like ceramic tiles and any other. However, if you can match the shower curtain casters, toilet paper holders, towel rails, and all the other metal finishes, it will help tie the overall look and style of the bathroom together.

Plants = nature and luxury

If your bathroom has a lot of natural light, consider some plants in the windows to make the bathroom even more cozy

Invest in shelving

Bathrooms almost always require a little extra storage space, and various shelving units do double duty as storage and decoration. Look to install shelves above the toilet, freestanding shelving units or hanging shelves as places where you can organize and display towels, colored bottles and more.

Install a heated towel rack

A heated towel rack is a must-have item in warm, cozy bathrooms. It’s an inexpensive and easy upgrade that has several benefits. First, it helps dry damp towels. Second, these towel racks make towels more pleasant, which helps recreate a spa-like feel.


Art is not just for the living room and hallways of your home. Why not hang a framed photo above your bathtub? It could be a favorite painting, a soothing landscape – anything you’d love to keep your eyes on while relaxing in the tub.


One of the best ways to spruce up your bathroom is to introduce a touch of nature. In the shower, this can mean a rain shower, among other things. The overhead design makes the water fall straight down, much like rain, making the shower more soothing and enjoyable. After all, many of us enjoy warm summer rains and water droplets falling on our faces.

Separate the tub

Bathrooms should be a fully private space, but to enjoy a truly relaxing experience while showering in it, consider separating this segment with some sort of opaque barrier. Instead of glass doors and the like, opt for bathtubs with curtains with a design that matches your bathroom decor, and you’ll create a private paradise.

Add color with textiles

In this case, towels and bathroom rugs – it’s one of the best ways to make your bathroom cozy and eye-less. Experiment with color with a bright bath rug and towels in interesting patterns that will be displayed on shelves.


Here’s your chance to get creative and really amp up the cozy feel of your bathroom. Consider a short stool, bench or ottoman as a place to sit and dry off after a bath. Small tables work especially well next to the bathtub where you can keep candles, bathing utensils and a towel on them.

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