The effect of lighting on relaxation

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The effect of lighting on relaxation
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After a hard day at work, school, or university, everyone dreams about having some time to themselves, relaxing and lifting their spirits

Everyone has their own way – some of us will go shopping, some will prepare a tasty dinner, some will opt for a bottle of good wine. Or maybe you should stay at home and relax in the comfort of your space, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the noise, the rush of thoughts and issues. Your apartment becomes a part of your self, that’s why it has such a good influence on your relaxation. However, it is worth choosing the right lighting for such an important space, because it largely depends on your well-being. How to do it? We suggest in this article!

Light and mood

The fact that light can have a positive or negative influence on your well-being has been known for a long time. People suffering from frequent migraines or photophobia, as well as all people with light-sensitive eyes will definitely confirm it. So how to choose the best lighting for your home, so that it improves your mood? When decorating a place where you can relax, pay attention to these few facts to choose the best lighting for your home.

Color of light

The color, or in fact the color temperature of light, is expressed in Kelvin. The rule is simple – the more Kelvins there are, the cooler the shade of white light the bulb emits. How to choose the light temperature for the room? The cooler color is used in shopping malls, stores and all cultural institutions, because it affects the behavior of consumers and individuals, causing them strong stimulation

Light with a neutral color will work well in a home office, because it also has a stimulating effect, but to a much lesser extent. For rooms designed for relaxation and recreation always choose a warm light color as it has a soothing, calming and relaxing effect on humans

How to determine the light color? Warm light is provided by lamps below 2700 -3000K, neutral light between 4000K and cold light above 6000K.

Light intensity

What is it? Light intensity is simply the amount of light that reaches a given surface, a given substrate. High luminous intensity is good for workplaces because it helps you to concentrate and makes your eyes work easier, so you can use it in the office or kitchen. In places where you want to relax, bet on lower light intensity. It will be much more pleasant to listen to your favorite music, read an interesting book and relax when the light intensity is lower.

Opt for variety

I do not mean here the variety of color temperature, or variation in light intensity, but the number of light sources. If you want that in your space you can on the one hand work, spend time with friends, and in free moments also relax, make sure that the room has more sources of light! If you want to read a book in the evening, a standing lamp with a warm light color and low light intensity will be sufficient, which will allow you to read in peace and will also have a beneficial effect on your relaxation, and therefore on your well-being Lamps for the home they should also have the color and intensity of light adapted to the function of the room, which greatly improves the comfort of staying in them

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