How to clean day-night blinds?

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How to clean day-night blinds?
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More and more often in Polish homes you can find the so-called day-night blinds. No wonder, they look great and offer many design possibilities. However, you need to remember to clean them properly, so that they look great for a long time. How to do it? See for yourself!

Night blinds – how to handle them?

Let’s start with how these types of roller blinds look in general. They consist of materials that are superimposed on each other. The different layers are arranged alternately in the form of strips. For this, each of them was made of a slightly different fabric, one of a see-through fabric, while the other of a less transparent fabric. As you rearrange them, they overlap and make the room bright or slightly twilight, hence the name day-night. As a rule, you can adjust the possibility of shading, and thus choose the right type of fabric to suit your needs and the degree of sunlight in your home.

This model is a great solution for virtually any apartment, however, it is worth bearing in mind one fact, namely that, despite the protection of the various elements of the fabric with an impregnating agent, it is necessary to take care of their proper care. When cleaning, you should certainly keep in mind that the roller blind consists of two materials. Each of them must be properly taken care of. For this, the mechanism should also be given special treatment.

Dust removal

Certainly the most common problem with day-night roller blinds is dust. It is he who spends the sleep of many people. How to fight it? They certainly need to be vacuumed regularly. Just like on any surface in the house, dust settles on roller blinds as well. In order to remove it effectively, it is best to set the vacuum cleaner to low speed once a week and use the brush attachment. Using such equipment, you are sure to effectively remove all sorts of dirt. 

If you are worried that you will nevertheless damage the delicate structure of the roller blinds, you may be tempted to use a broom or a soft and delicate cloth. In order not to introduce dirt deep into the fabric, you should clean them in a certain way, i.e. from top to bottom, with firm but gentle movements, which will allow you to minimize the risk of damaging the blind.

Heavy dirt – how to get rid of stains from day-night roller blinds?

What if strong stains appear on your roller blind? How to deal with them? It depends, of course, on what you are dealing with. As a rule, these are stains that were caused by an insect squashing, rain that accidentally entered through an open window, or plant juice. In the kitchen, on the other hand, you can expect anything, and mostly food-related dirt. In the child’s room, on the other hand, stains from markers, paints and pens often appear on the blinds.

To remove them, you need to make some effort. Use a soft cloth, which you soak in advance with water at room temperature. You can add a little detergent, such as natural dishwashing liquid. Blinds need to be wiped gently, but absolutely do not rub, because you can damage the structure of the material, especially the transparent one. Above all, remember to clean your blinds regularly so that dirt does not permanently adhere to the structure of the material.

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