3 recipes for delicious and relaxing coffee

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Jalynn Peterson
3 recipes for delicious and relaxing coffee
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If your favorite coffee shop is closed, and you’re up all night dreaming of lattes with oat milk, make your day more enjoyable with coffee made at home. You don’t have to be a professional barista or even own a cob machine to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine in a more interesting version than instant coffee poured over boiling water.

Straight from the French drawing rooms

Do you know that wonderful coffee with a chocolate note that is mocha? It was already a hit in 17th century France when King Louis XIV commissioned the Turkish ambassador to organise coffee meetings

Mokka, a type of coffee that was brought long distances from Ethiopia to Western Europe, was the drink of choice. It was served in thin cups made of Chinese porcelain, which were decorated with gold and silver. Just as in France at that time, we delight in mocha today. How to prepare it to feel as if you belonged to the French aristocracy? The most important thing is the right variety of coffee. Harrar or Mocca Yemen are often recommended. If you can’t find either of these, ask at a good store or coffee shop for a coffee that will be good for making mocha. Also remember to stock up on good quality cocoa.

Start by bringing 0.1l of milk to the boil with grated vanilla. Then add to this mixture a tablespoon of cocoa and one or two teaspoons of sugar, brown sugar at that! After the milk has boiled for 2-3 minutes, add the previously brewed coffee to the prepared cocoa milk. The whole thing is perfect for two people, and the aromatic mocha in cups complement a little whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate.

Classics in your kitchen

The best thing about this coffee classic is its original name. Latte macchiato from Italian means exactly “splashed milk”, which perfectly describes the proportions of coffee and milk in this drink loved by millions of people around the world. It is often confused with caffè latte – another coffee classic, from which it differs not only in the number of layers, but also in the way it is prepared. Therefore, if you order a “latte” in a café, remember to specify which exact drink you have in mind.

When preparing a latte macchiato at home, you need a tall glass with a capacity of 300 ml. The recently popular thermal glasses, which are not only stunning in their appearance but also serve a practical purpose, will be perfect for this purpose. The double walls of a thermal glass make it much less likely that you will burn yourself with a hot drink

What if you already have the right glass? First, froth the pre-heated milk (the optimum temperature for latte milk is between 60-70 degrees Celsius) in your favorite way. You don’t need a professional milk frother. Homemade ways to froth milk include:

  • Frothing milk in a jar – pour the milk halfway into the jar, then cap it and shake it for about 30 seconds. Be careful, the glass vessel can get hot quickly.
  • French Press is not only a good way to brew coffee or tea. With the French Press you can froth milk no better than with an espresso machine. Just tap the French Press against the table after you whisk the milk, getting rid of the air bubbles.

Then pour an espresso over the frothed milk and enjoy a three-layer latte straight from the café in your own home. A good addition to such a coffee are flavored syrups, which will allow you to discover a whole range of new tastes.

For lovers of two great drinks..

…make Irish style coffee. This is the coffee of true revolutionaries! This delightful drink with the addition of Irish whiskey quickly gained popularity, and today you can easily find cafes that offer it on their menus. The fact that there are so many ways to make it is definitely a factor. But if you want to choose the right beans – ask for American-style or Viennese-style roasted coffee. A strong Irish whiskey goes best with this aromatic brew

You’ll need about a hundred milliliters to three teaspoons of coffee, which you first brew, but don’t let cool. In a stainless steel saucepan, heat the whiskey. Meanwhile, add a teaspoon of brown sugar to a footed goblet or cognac glass and stir together with the coffee. When the sugar has dissolved, you can add the whiskey, put half whipped cream on top. This kind of warming drink in different ways should be drunk while still hot through the cream, which should form a separate layer

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