How long to bake the meat?

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How long to bake the meat?
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Roast pork neck or duck with apples are delicious, but roasting meat seems like a complicated process. It is not! Find out how long you should roast meat to make it tasty and juicy.

How long should I roast meat?

A universal rule is 1 hour for 1 kg of meat, at 180°C. For smaller pieces of roast meat, it is reliable. Large pieces of meat, roughly from three kilos upwards, because they need to roast longer, should be treated with a lower temperature, around 150°C. Lowering the temperature during roasting will prevent the meat from drying out.

What is the best way to roast meat?

The most popular ways to roast meat are: a roasting sleeve, a roasting pot or a heatproof dish. All of these dishes guarantee succulent roast; you should adjust the way you roast meat to your preferences.

Roasting meat, although it may seem difficult, is not at all a black magic. All you need is the right equipment and a bit of patience to make your Sunday dinner pork neck delight your loved ones.

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