What houseplants to choose for east-facing windows?

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Jalynn Peterson
What houseplants to choose for east-facing windows?
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We have fallen in love with potted flowers in interiors. This is a fact that there is no point in arguing with. Every, even a beginner, owner of a home jungle knows that each plant needs the right light conditions, individually tailored to it.

Mostly plants like positions with easy access to light, i.e. windowsills. However, not every flower will feel comfortable on the windowsill of a window facing every side of the world. 

Which ones should we put on windowsills facing east?

East-facing windowsill and potted plants

Window sills facing east are characterized by a moderate portion of light during the day, while for obvious reasons they have more of it in its first half. This light is not harsh and scorching, which can cause harm to delicate leaves. Here they are also not threatened by high and sometimes lethal temperatures. These are optimal conditions for most plants to thrive safely. Eastern windowsills are the perfect place to create a green jungle, as they are conducive to the growth of most houseplants.

Choosing the right plant vs. sunlight

The thing we should check when buying a new plant is the conditions necessary for its proper development, including sunshine. Eastern windowsills are ideal for flowers that like light or semi-shaded positions. Every situation is different, however, and we cannot take these tips for granted. The key will always be observation of the new specimen. It may happen that, despite the recommendations, our windowsill offers it too much or too little light, so that it begins to languish. Then we must react quickly and find him a new place.

The windowsill is quite a specific place for plant growth, so when choosing the specimens we will place on it, we should also take into account the speed of their growth. Especially when our windows are not large in size, it is better to give up fast-growing species that can completely “overgrow” in a short time, as a result of which only a negligible amount of light will enter the rooms. However, if you already have such specimens in your collection, do not get rid of them. An interesting idea will be to place them in close proximity to the window, for example, in a flowerbed. This option will especially work well with long and climbing stems.

Of course, if you are the lucky owner of large windows, which are not intimidated by larger specimens, you do not have to be particularly limited.

What plants for an eastern windowsill?

Smaller windows

When our windows are not impressive in size, it will be best to bet on:

  • various kinds of ivies,
  • tripods,
  • kalanchoe,
  • golden epipremnum,
  • arrowroot,
  • herbaceous plants, such as Sternberg’s,
  • cacti,
  • winged flowers,
  • anthurium,
  • cacti,
  • Persian cyclamen,
  • hoyas,
  • afelanders,
  • anthuriums,
  • azaleas,
  • begonias.

Larger windows

Where we have a larger space at our disposal, we can “go wild” with larger specimens that will surely thank us for good care with their appearance. Such plants include:

  • monstera, for example, hole monstera or “Monkey Mask” monstera,
  • egg-shaped thickets,
  • winged flowers,
  • hoyas,
  • diphenbachias,
  • philodendrons, for example, climbing or red,
  • clivia,
  • bosslers,
  • sanseweries,
  • coral palms,
  • fig trees,
  • crotons,
  • pileae,
  • peperonimias,
  • elkhorns.

Windows and windowsills on the eastern side provide ideal conditions for many plant species, so if you have just such a window at your disposal, it is worth setting some flowers on it, so as not to waste this potential.

main photo: pexels.com/Lachlan Ross

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