5 recipes for a simple and healthy breakfast

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5 recipes for a simple and healthy breakfast
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Finding recipes for simple and healthy breakfasts doesn’t have to involve hours of searching and rarely found products in our stores. Finding great breakfast recipes can be child’s play. Find out more about how to take care of your and your loved ones’ diet and how to make breakfast a meal that provides all the nutrients you need

How to eat healthy?

Eating healthy is all about the right composition of your meals. If you want to eat healthier, you should start with small steps. At the very beginning let’s think about composing a nutritious and at the same time healthy breakfast. The first stage should be planned for a free day, for example a free Saturday, which we will spend with our family

This is the best time to celebrate time with your family, cook together and enjoy a fresh breakfast. Probably none of us can imagine his or her breakfast without aromatic coffee or tea. Replenishing fluids after a night out is very important. So whether you’re looking to boost your energy, speed up your metabolism or simply rehydrate, fluids are a must and should be consumed no more than 30 minutes after waking up


The first solution that will appeal to all vegetable and egg lovers will be shakshuka. It’s nothing but a combination of scrambled eggs and your favorite vegetables. Why is this breakfast healthy? First of all, because a lot of microelements and nutrients land on our plate along with vegetables. In addition, due to the egg content in the meal, we can be sure that our body will receive macroelements in the form of protein and fat

The latest recommendations of experts in human nutrition and dietetics recommend eating protein-fat breakfasts. What we eat when we wake up affects the quality of our concentration and productivity throughout the day. This is why it is so important to find the right solutions. To prepare shakshuka you will need eggs, spices, vegetable oil for frying and your favorite vegetables, such as tomatoes, mushrooms, onions. We fry the whole under a lid and look forward to creating a unique breakfast, which practically does itself

Oatmeal with fruit and yogurt

For those who can not imagine breakfast in the dry version and need a large dose of carbohydrates in the morning, oatmeal with fruit and yogurt will be a good solution. Its preparation is trivial. Boil oatmeal in water. Then we add our favorite fruit, for example bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi. The next step is to add natural yoghurt, preferably high-protein. Such a composed meal can be eaten at home or taken in a container to work, university and school

Dry omelet

If eggs and vegetables in the form of shakshuka are not to your liking or you need a breakfast that you can easily take with you on the go, check out the dry omelette. This is a great solution for those who are on the run and want to spend very little time preparing breakfast. A made omelette in the dry version is also a proposal of a protein and fat meal, which will be perfect, among others, if you do intellectual or creative work

For its preparation you will need eggs, your favorite vegetables and vegetable oil. The created omelet can be served with fresh vegetables or ketchup

Dry muffins

Another alternativeto standard meals with eggs will be dry muffins. They are easy to prepare and consist of placing the vegetables of your choice in a muffin tin. Then pour eggs into them and decorate with grated cheese. Bake them until they take the shape of cupcakes

Pancakes for sweet

Whoever said that eating pancakes must be unhealthy, was really wrong. A proposal prepared with eggs, rice flour, skim milk, baking powder and your favorite fruit can be a really healthy alternative. In this situation, you are able to convince your loved ones to live a healthy lifestyle as well

Eating healthy does not require you to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals. The dishes themselves can be simple, and their preparation does not require you to search for previously unknown products. You can find all the necessary ingredients without any problem, even in your local convenience store.

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