Coffee service – what kind of dishes should be in it?

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Jalynn Peterson
Coffee service – what kind of dishes should be in it?
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Coffee or tea are drinks that accompany us almost every day. If we drink one of them alone, a mug or a cup will be enough for us. However, if we want to serve the drink at a party for our guests, we will need a coffee service. We suggest what should be in it.

What should be in the coffee service?

Let’s start with what should be included in your coffee service. The most classic service will include coffee cups and saucers, a pitcher, creamer, and sugar bowl. Sometimes, instead of cups, the coffee set includes elegant coffee mugs, and in the extended version of the service you will also find dessert plates. A great advantage and undeniable aesthetic value of coffee sets is their consistent appearance, which gives the table a harmonious character. Thanks to that, you will not serve your guests the drink in different cups, which does not look good on more elegant parties. After all, good coffee served in a nice cup will taste even better! If you want to further separate the daily coffee serving from the festive ones, you can also invest in two services – one everyday and the other more elegant and decorative.

The material of the coffee service

The material from which a coffee service is made determines its quality very strongly. Therefore, it is advisable to find out exactly what the service is made of before you buy it to make sure that the cups, plates and saucers are not only beautiful but also durable. The most durable and noble material is certainly porcelain. Porcelain is a type of high-quality white ceramic, invented as early as in the 7th century in China, produced from kaolin clay, quartz and feldspar by firing at high temperatures. This noble material is distinguished by low water absorption, high resistance to mechanical damage and considerable resistance to chemical agents. It is also worth remembering that the whiter the porcelain, the higher quality it is, and that the thinner it is, the more elegant it is, but also more expensive

Porcelain is beautiful, but unfortunately it is a material not for every pocket. So, if you do not want to decide on porcelain service, you can choose, for example, the one made of faience. Faience dishes are not snow-white like the porcelain ones, but they take colors from white to light cream. An alternative to porcelain is also the stoneware service. It includes dishes made of clay with the addition of quartz sand. Stoneware is non-absorbent, mechanically and chemically resistant. The walls of the dishes are much thicker, therefore, they keep coffee or tea at a high temperature

A service for 4, 6 or 12 people

Before buying a service, it is also worth considering how many people you need. The most popular are sets for 4, 6 or 12 people. If you only need a coffee set for everyday coffee brewing and serving among your household members, a classic four-person set is enough. It will also be great as a gift for a new apartment. These types of sets usually come in less formal forms, which will be perfect for everyday use. On the other hand, services for 6, 8, or even more people will be good both for use among household members and when visiting guests, as well as for holidays.

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