How do I grow conifers in pots?

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How do I grow conifers in pots?
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For several seasons it has been very fashionable to grow plants in pots. How to grow conifers in pots? Why is growing conifers in pots so popular?

Why are coniferous plants so popular?

Conifers in pots are very popular because of their low maintenance and their beauty – they are evergreen plants with a variety of forms. These plants look great in the company of perennials and annual flowers.

Advantages of growing conifers in pots

The main advantage of conifers in pots is that they can be placed anywhere on the terrace or balcony. This makes it possible to change the arrangement very often.

In one large pot you can create a very interesting composition of conifers and annual flowers. This way you can save space and your balcony or terrace will not lose its attractiveness.

Which conifers are suitable for potting?

You should choose the right conifers for potting. Choose dwarf or slow-growing varieties. There are different forms of shrubs available – ball-shaped, creeping, spreading and trunk-shaped. When choosing conifers for growing in a pot, you should pay attention to their growing requirements. The most popular conifers grown in a pot are yews and thuyas.

Growing plants in the pot

Coniferous plants require a sunny or semi-shaded position. Yew is a shrub that grows even in deep shade. Junipers and pines are resistant to lack of water in the pot. The hedgehogs and cypresses require regular watering. Conifers require a light and permeable soil. The best is a special substrate for conifers. The bottom of the pot (depending on its size) should be covered with 10-15 cm of expanded clay

Before planting the shrub you should get acquainted with its cultivation requirements and growth speed. This information is usually included on the label attached to the plant. It is advisable to plant dwarf or slow-growing varieties in pots. Most conifers can be potted up all year round.

The pot in which the shrub is planted should be twice as big as the root ball of the shrub. The plant should be planted at a depth of 2-3 cm more than it was before. Conifers should be transplanted to larger pots every 4-5 years. When they won’t fit into the pots, they should be planted into the ground.

How to care for conifers in pots

Conifers are very easy to care for. Just water them regularly with plenty of water. The soil should soak up to a depth of 20-30 cm. Excess water is not as harmful to conifers as drought. Coniferous plants should be pruned regularly in spring. Cutting should also be done when the plant reaches too large size. Fertilize young conifers in the first year with half the dose recommended by the manufacturer.

Overwintering conifers in pots

Before winter, protect the pot with conifers by covering it with Styrofoam. You can also wrap it with agrofiber or bury it in the ground.

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