Suszone trawy do wazonu - kompozycje, które Cię zaskoczą

Dried grasses for the vase – compositions that will surprise you

Dried grasses a dozen years ago were an essential addition to any home. Forgotten trend came back in great style. See how to compose an interesting bouquet using dried grasses.

Pampas grass

Dried leaves, grasses, flowers, often composed with live flowers, are current number one in floral trends. They fit not only into modern interiors, but also perfectly fit into the vintage style. They can become the main decoration, and can also perfectly find themselves as a complement to bouquets or other accessories.

We can buy pampas grass in a florist, home improvement store or home decor store. It’s extremely elegant and convenient because, unlike live flowers, it doesn’t require watering or rotting.

Our inspirations

Well and nicely composed dried leaves and grasses will decorate our interiors for a long time, regardless of the season and weather. Check out our inspirations below

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