How to take care of your dog during hot weather?

Hot weather is undoubtedly an extremely difficult time for everyone. However, our four-legged friends deserve special attention. For many dogs hot weather is a torment, so it is worth preparing them for this time.

Although for many people summer heat is associated with blissful rest, during this time we cannot forget about dogs and our other pets. In order to ensure their thermal comfort, apart from taking care of their coat, you should also remember to keep your pet well hydrated. It is also worth knowing when to walk your dog and what to avoid.

Start with the coat

Remember that fur protects animals from both frost and sun, so you shouldn’t cut it excessively. Dogs have thinner skin than humans, so exposure of their bodies to sunlight can lead to serious burns. The best thing to do is regular and thorough brushing, which will help get rid of dead undercoat and annoying tangles. These are the ones that prevent cool air from reaching the skin and therefore contribute to overheating.

How to groom your dog?

Short-haired breeds should have the dead hair neatly combed out, as it naturally blocks ventilation of the skin. Long-haired dogs, on the other hand, should have their hair shortened, but this should be done with extreme care. For this purpose, it is best to go to a trusted salon. In the case of hairless and bristleless dogs, they should be lubricated with appropriate sunscreen creams. Your vet will certainly advise you on the best product.

When and where to go for walks with my dog?

Hot weather encourages you to stay at home, but anyone who has a dog is well aware that every day you need to take care of the movement of your pet. You should not go for a walk at high noon, when the heat is the biggest. The best time for it is the morning and late evening. This is when the temperature is lower and we can afford longer walks. In the evening, it is worth avoiding heated surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. Their temperature can be even a dozen or so degrees higher and can burn delicate pads of dog’s paws. If it is possible, it is better to walk with a dog on grass

Why is it better to avoid muzzles?

In the case of some dog breeds, wearing a muzzle seems to be necessary. However, during hot weather it is a solution that will be a torment for the pet, so it should be kept to an absolute minimum. Dogs do not have as many sweat glands as humans. To cool down, they pant intensely, which prevents their bodies from overheating. So if your dog must be muzzled, opt for a so-called physiological muzzle that allows free breathing.

Cool water for your dog

Replenishing fluids is essential. That’s why you need to make sure your dog has constant access to fresh water. If you’re going out for a long walk and temperatures start to rise, it’s a good idea to have a bottle of water with you

Remember about the shade

Not every dog is kept indoors. So if your pet is a typical backyard dog, it is essential to provide him not only with access to fresh, cool water, but also with shade. It is worth taking care of a special canopy where our dog can rest

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