DIY: Mgiełka do ciała idealna na lato!

DIY: The perfect body mist for summer!

Homemade cosmetics are not only cheap, but if you use natural ingredients to create them, they are also very healthy for the skin. Today we present how to make homemade mist for summer.

Tea-lime mist

You will need: good quality, organic green leaf tea, half a tablespoon of lime juice, boiling water and an atomizer bottle

Pour boiling water over the tea and let it steep for 5 minutes. Then separate the leaves from the tea, let it cool down and add the lime juice. Once the tea has cooled down completely, pour the mist into the bottle. It is best to keep the mist in the refrigerator and its maximum shelf life is one week.

Lavender mist

Mist is made similarly to the above example. Pour boiling water over dried or fresh lavender, drain and pour into an atomizer bottle. Also, in this case, keep the cosmetic and use it for a maximum of one week

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