Jak udekorować skalniak? Nie tylko wiatrakiem!

How to decorate a rockery? Not just a windmill!

The rockery is a very popular element of small garden architecture. What can you decorate your rockery with to make it look beautiful?

Decorative stones

Large stones will be a great decoration of the rock garden. In gardening stores you can find stones of different colors and shapes. In this way you can create a very interesting garden arrangement, which looks beautiful illuminated in the evening.

Lighting as rockery decoration

Appropriate lighting, especially in the evening, will emphasize the beautiful appearance of the rockery. For this element of the garden it is worth choosing solar LED lamps that will match the style of the garden.

Stone garden decorations

Stone is a timeless material for interior and garden decoration. It’s advisable to choose one large stone element such as a statue or a few small elements so that plants won’t be dominated by stone.

Flower pots

An interesting decoration of a rockery are flower pots with “flowing” stones or flowers. The best pot to decorate the rockery is a ceramic or clay pot.

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