Herbaty na lato - które są najlepsze?

Teas for summer – which are the best?

Besides warming us up on cold winter evenings, tea can also be a source of refreshment in the summer. Check out which tea is best for summer.

Tea for the heat

Although most people associate tea with a warming drink it is also a great solution to drink it for refreshment. Well selected and brewed tea is ideal for summer. It can perfectly hydrate and that is why, among others, inhabitants of hot desert countries drink it during hot weather.

Which tea to choose?

Green tea is the best alternative to black tea, especially in summer. It has cooling properties. You can prepare it by freezing it and adding ice cubes, some mint leaves and lime slices. The second good choice is white tea. These are the buds and young leaves extracted from tea plants. An infusion of white tea is a great thirst quencher, antioxidant, and contains a ton of vitamins and minerals. In combination with mint or lemongrass, it tastes delicious.

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